Report: Primary School Meals in Scotland 2020: a snapshot and a future vision

This report, by Obesity Action Scotland (following up on a similar report in 2017), looks at the current statistics and standards regarding school meals in Scottish primary schools.

External Link: Primary School Meals in Scotland 2020: a snapshot and a future vision

“Around 60% of primary school children in Scotland eat school meals, down from a high of 66% in 2016. School meals provide a unique opportunity to drive the dietary change we need in Scotland and act as an exemplar for healthy eating.

In 2019 the Scottish Government published its recommendations for improving school food standards and committed to introducing new regulations to make school food healthier. The changes were to include the setting of maximum limits for consumption of red processed meat, increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables served, reducing the amount of sugar available throughout the school day, and encouraging the use of fresh, local and sustainable produce.

School menu offerings remain varied across local authorities in 2020, with Scottish primary schools frequently offering soup and salad, while reducing red and processed meat. Puddings are served more frequently and there has been no reduction in the number of local authorities serving chips and pizza since our 2017 report. However, we remain encouraged by the improvements noted in our 2019 review, and hope that local authorities will continue to build on their commendable progress.”