Blog: BERA: Rescuing educational inclusion for autistic children (December 2019)

In this post, on the British Education Research Association website, Rebecca Wood considers the problems with the current thinking around inclusion of autistic children in mainstream schools.

External Link: Rescuing educational inclusion for autistic children (December 2019)

“There’s a distinct sense of weariness surrounding the issue of educational inclusion generally, with discussions dominated by metaphors of moribundity and decomposition. While some have stated, provocatively, that inclusion might be ‘dead’ (Imray & Colley, 2017), others opine that although inclusion is still struggling along, it nevertheless ‘smells funny’ (Slee, 2018). Moreover, for autistic children in particular, the goal of educational inclusion appears increasingly elusive, both in the UK (Batten et al., 2006) and internationally (Pellicano, Bölte, & Stahmer, 2018). This is despite decades of legislation and policy provisions to endorse the full participation in education of all children and young people, and endless ‘strategies for inclusion’ doled out on training courses for well-intentioned school staff.”

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