Blog: PTE: Using knowledge to improve reading (July 2020)

Dame Rachel de Souza, Chief Executive of The Inspiration Trust and Parent and Teachers for Excellence Founder, writes about 2019 research by The Inspiration Trust into reading in Key Stage 2. This research looked at reading interventions for the most disadvantaged pupils.

External Link: Using knowledge to improve reading (July 2020)

“Last year The Inspiration Trust conducted research into KS2 reading. They wanted to see if interventions based around a sequenced, knowledge rich primary curriculum could improve reading for the most disadvantaged pupils.”

“Despite implementing sophisticated reading strategies primary schools often struggle to teach every child to read fluently. Children still struggling with reading by the end of primary school will lose access to the curriculum and inevitably spend the rest of their time in education playing catch up.

The solution may have less to do with how reading is taught than the wider curriculum. One of the major factors preventing disadvantaged pupils from reading fluently is a lack of background knowledge. We know that this is particularly true with texts that contain words outside of our everyday experiences. What appears to be a deficiency in reading ability may in fact be an impoverished knowledge base.”

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