Blog: NEU: Speaking out against Baseline (March 2019)

The National Education Union has consistently expressed its concerns about the Government’s introduction of the Reception Baseline Assessment (originally scheduled for 2020, now delayed until the Autumn term of 2021). This blog post from March 2019 outlines some of the concerns teachers have about these assessments.

External Link: Blog: NEU: Speaking out against Baseline (March 2019)

External Link: UK Government guidance: Reception baseline assessment

“As a school we’ve always had a strong commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum.

So we had become increasingly concerned about the negative impact which recent curriculum changes and testing were having in our school.

But it wasn’t until we went along to the book launch of ‘Tired of Testing: Our Children Are More Than a Score’, and heard author Michael Rosen and others speak about the same concerns we had, that we knew we had to do something to make a stand.”

Click the external link above to read the full blog post on the NEU website.

The UK Government’s guidance documentation is also available to view on the link above.