Blog: OUP: Closing the vocabulary gap in primary schools (July 2020)

In this Oxford Education Blog post, experienced primary school teacher and English adviser Shareen Wilkinson (Mayers), looks at one strategy for explicitly teaching vocabulary in context. This follows on from her free OUP webinar on ‘Closing the vocabulary gap in primary schools.

“Within this blog, I will explore approaches to teaching vocabulary. Notably, perhaps this quote from Lemov et al (2018) fully encapsulates the salient aspects of explicit vocabulary teaching.

‘…A primary goal of Explicit Vocabulary Instruction is to model for students the depth of knowledge that is involved in mastering words: to own a word is to know not just its definition but its different forms, its multiple meanings, its connotations, and the situations in which its normally applied.’

In a sense, children are not just exposed to the definition of a word but have a detailed knowledge of its multiple meanings and the various ways that it can be used.”